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Hanging Out Down By the River Side with Two Licorice Sticks!

Posted on February 19, 2017 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

      I decided to compose a clarinet duet... to be frank, in hopes that it would get more attention. Look at me! Look at me! No, but... seriously, I'm trying to get my YouTube channel views to pick back up. So I set aside for the moment an original work... no I didn't! I still composed the original work, but I've set the recording of it aside for the moment in order to produce a piece that I think will get more attention. I've composed a clarinet duet arrangment of “Down By the River Side.” But wait! There's more! If you act now, we will throw in... for no additional charge... a guitar, ukulele, and paper bass drum accompaniment! The duet can be played by itself, no problem, but for real fun there are additional parts. I plan to record it and make a video of it on Wednesday. I also have two original compositions waiting to be recorded. One is in that licorice stick tradition of late, “Licorice River” featuring solo clarinet accompanied by two tenor voices, left hand piano, paper claves, and paper bass drum. The other is “Whirly Bird, Spinning Around and Around!” which is also a clarinet solo, but accompanied by Whirly Tubes (coiled plastic tubes that make pitches when you spin them around) and paper drums. These unusual ensembles are brought to you by the Wacky Musician because “normal is boring!” For some more unusual ensembles check out these videos: “Dance of the Licorice Stick” (the original Licorice video!) and “Paper Holiday!


Rivers Running Red with Licorice!

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Actually, “Rivers Running Black with Licorice” would have been a more accurate title, but it just sounds better the other way. In truth, I don't like licorice at all, but that hasn't stopped me from composing piece after piece with licorice in the title. Maybe I'll develop a taste for it eventually if I keep writing songs about it. That makes sense; right? Actually the “licorice” in these songs have to do with the “Licorice Stick,” which is an old nickname for the clarinet (hence, why it should be “Rivers Running Black with Licorice").  I just finished my newest piece for Clarinet, Piano, 2 Tenor Voices, Paper Flute, and Paper Snare Drum entitled “Licorice River.” It will be flowing into a recording in the coming week(s?). In the meantime, here are two of my previous licorice songs, & Handmade Licorice Stick and Licorice Smile. With all the candy around you better watch your blood sugar – thankfully you don't get high blood sugar from listening to sweet music!

Heart Shaped Licorice Sticks for Valentine's Day!

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Once upon a time there was a heart. Of course hearts are actually quite gory things that have the job of pumping blood through the bodies of its host. But this little heart wanted something more out of life so he found some licorice sticks and... This really doesn't make any sense does it? :) I learned today that Valentine's Day goes back to 400's AD and it's orgins go back to the 200's AD. I had no idea. I really kind-of thought it actually was just a day made it for marketing purposes. Of course, like most holidays today, it has become nothing but a marketing strategy! Of course, how you view February 14th is very much affected by whether you are single or with someone. Since I am single, February 14th is just another day like anyother, except that I put together little packets for the students in my classes today (what would we do without the Dollar Store!). So I leave you with some heart shaped licorice stickes... actually they're not heart shaped... actually they're not really even licorice sticks as “Licorice Stick” is an old nickname for the clarinet. Here is Licorice Smile; and Handmade Licorice Stick;


J.K Auberg

"Does Your Clarinet Smile and Eat Licorice?"

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

    Truth be told, I don't like Licorice!  All the compositions I've composed recently that seemed to revolve around licorice are because "The Licorice Stick" is (or at least, was) a nickname for the Clarinet.  I'm trying to get back to my old blog here, which I haven't written in a long time.  I've been too busy saving the world from super villans -- oh wait, that wasn't real - that was a movie.  Actually it is since I started by business (Jan 2014) that I've had trouble finding the time to keep up with all these little things.  And, you know, they say "it's the little things that matter", like paper clips, hair scrungies, pencils, rubber bands, thumb tacks - those are all little things, but I'm not sure why they matter so much!

     I'm producing a Lego-brick movie and trying to maintain activity on YouTube at the same time.  Since the feature-length movie will take over a year to make, I'm danger of losing my YouTube audience.  So I have to make sure I find time to keep putting videos out while I'm working on the movie.  I put my newest video out just a couple days ago --  Licorice Smile  -- which is a clarinet video with my Paper Tone Whackers and my Paper Slide Whistle.  I've pretty much exausted the reasonable possibilites with making paper instruments (though, I do have one more), so now I'm using paper instruments in my compositions.  It's sort of a way to promote them.   To tell the truth, I've been fairly disappointed in the lack of views this past year on my YouTube Channel.  I'm trying some new things in hope of improving things.  One such thing I'm trying as of the last video is playing with the video's name.  "Licorice Smile" is not actually called that on YouTube, it is called "Does Your Clarinet Smile and Eat Licorice?"  We will see if that helps it get any more attention.  GIVE ME ATTENTION!  LOOK AT ME!   OVER HERE!   That's what little kids do, right?  Seems to work for them.

It Was a Night Like Any Other (Dec 21, 2013)

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    (The journal entries you are about to read were recorded by Jamie K. Auberg starting in mid-December 2013).

    It was a night like any other in the small rural town.  The gentle breezes blew through the trees creating a soft rustling that mixed with the soft splashing of a small creek.  Yes, it was like a million other nights in a town that was practically frozen in time.  Nothing ever happened here; ever.  But that was about to change... or not...  I've had one of those days where you just feel strange; a little off.  Probably because I kept waking up last night.  I don't know why.  I hope to sleep better tonight.  Despite that, I did manage to finish composing my Christmas song, "Christmas Lights" and to build computer models for an animated video of it.  Now I have to record it, which requires me to find a day when my voice it at its best -- it's highly unstable -- it certainly wasn't doing well today!  ...Ran into former students Kiersten and Mallory and their mother Stephanie at Big Lots today.   Later.    Jamie K. Auberg. 

It Was the Best of Times... the Worst of Times (Dec 20, 2013)

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       (The journal entries you are about to read were recorded by Jamie K. Auberg starting in mid-December 2013).

      It was the best of times; it was the worst of times; and then some times were just okay - mediocre at best.  That's just life.  My Director's Kit from Adventus for my business was suppose to arrive today.  The Post Office left a slip yesterday, and I went online and scheduled a redilvery for today.  Well, that's a gov't agency for you; they never redelivered it.  Maybe tomorrow - maybe Monday.  I took a break from working on "business start-up stuff" today and wrote a violin piece to give mom for Christmas (along with other stuff).  It's called "Pizzicato Paradise" and is for two groups of violins.  The 2nd violin part strums with a pick like a guitar on four-note chords (Quadruple Stops in Violin language).  I composed, typeset/engraved, and printed the entire thing in one day!   Tomorow I plan to finish the Christmas Song I am writing.  Good Night.  Jamie.

December 19, 2013

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(The journal entries you are about to read were recorded by Jamie K. Auberg starting in mid-December 2013.  The journal was a Christmas gift from a student named Haleigh).

Twas the night before Christmas... oh wait!  It's not!  

Twas the night before the night before the night before the night before the night before the night before Christmas...  I think that's right...  and I sat in my house, well, actually it's an apartment, watching "Miracle on 34th Street."   My Director's Kit for my new business should arrive tomorrow.  I admit I am nervous... and excited... and very nervous about starting the MusIQ Clubs business as Auberg Instructional Innovations.  I'll be less nervous when I have some clients after I open in January.


Giving Birth to Creativity

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Creativity comes in many shapes and forms, but for some of us it's more than what you do.

August 26, 2013

"Giving Birth to Creativity"

There are many different types of people who are called "creative," and most of you can realte to those people on some level.  We all have some amount of creativity.  Afterall, our Creator is a very creative being!  

But there is another type of creative person who can only describe by messing up the English language by taking the descriptive term "creative" and making it a noun.  These people are Creatives.  Creatives aren't just creative people.  They don't just do creative things; they MUST do creative things.  They can't help it!  They don't do it for money; they don't do it for fame; they don't do just because they can; although they normally like what they do, they don't do it just because they like doing it!  They do it because they HAVE to be creative.  If they are not, they will go crazy.

This is me.  I am a Creative.  I turned down a good job with normal hours and good pay because of it.  I don't care about the money.  I look forward to a school year with more time to be creative.  I am a little bothered by low views on my new show because I do believe the arts are meant to be seen (or heard).  I am being patient and, well, whether it changes or not, I will continue producing it for awhile.



The Phobia that Doesn't Have One of Those Cool Names

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 “The story so far: in the beginning the Universe was created.  This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” (Douglas Adams: "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy").  Sometimes it seems that way.  Of course, I believe that God has a plan and everything has a purpose, but it can be easy to get lost in the doldrums of daily life.  

Most phobias have some cool name like Pyrophobia or Acrophobia, but I've decided I have a fear that doesn't get one of those neat names.  I've realized recently that I have a fear of being Mediocre; a concern that nothing I do is actually good enough.  Now don't confuse that with perfectionism.  I'm not a perfectionist, although I may have some level of those tendencies.  It's not a matter of something being perfect; it's a matter of it being good, maybe even a little better than "good."  Sometimes i feel like I HAD a lot of potential, once.  I have done a lot in my life already, and I've failed a lot.  Most successful people failed a lot before they became successful.  Sometimes you wonder, though, if you actually have the ability to be successful.  Are you just another mediocre, average person pretending to be something more...  or is that essentially an oxymoron?  By your attempts to be more do you automatically remove yourself from the mediocrity?  

I have now been making Cargo Ship Delta V for one month (4 episodes with the 5th coming out Monday).  Overall, not too many views so far.  However, the trailer that I'm advertising on Facebook has been receiving quite a few "likes," but I'm not sure if any of them have actually gone on to watch the show.  Anyways, that's it.  I'm done ranting for today.  Later.

Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time there was an idea and that idea was cultivated and turned into something and that something was terrible...  I'm just joking around.  Episode 3 of Cargo Ship is now available.  My favorite episode so far because of the battle scene and the music that was needed for it.  Now I've only got footage for one more episode for next week, so I really have to get to work.  I originally filmed footage for four episodes.  Yesterday I biked to the park with my little computer (it's a chromebook) and wrote more episodes that I will start filming today.  Filming some of these will be a little more interesting/challenging because some of it will be filmed off the green screen at the park.  After I get some more episodes made I'm planning to put together a trailer to help advertise.  I need to find a way to reach the people who might enjoy watching the show, and although the answer is "42" I don't see how that's going to help me.  In other news... for the Wacky Musician channel I am working on a Concerto in G Minor for Clarinet and Bottles in which I am filling bottles with water to tune them and make music on them.  I crazily switch back and forth between the clarinet and blowing on the bottles to make the piece.  I still have a lot of practicing to do before I'm ready to film it.  Later.