Auberg Instructional Innovations

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Computer Skills!

Computer Skills: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

    Take control of your computer! Learn the power of Word Processors for making so much more than simple letters (make brochures, fliers, book marks, multiple column news letters, etc.).  Keep track of your numbers with spreadsheets that automatically do complex mathematical computations as you enter your data!  Enhance your meetings and presentations with slide shows that play music and videos!  Computers and Software are provided for in-class use.

"Photo-Shopping" Camp (Image Manipulation)

        Photo manipulation can take ordinary photos and turn them into magic. Using a free program called “The Gimp” (it's very similar to Photoshop) learn how to repair photos, connect two photos together, and change the background and add extra elements into photos with professional skill.

Mastering the Keyboard!
(A Typing Class)

     It's time to learn how to type proficiently!  A step by step approach will have you mastering the computer keyboard with speed and agility.  This is a beginners class focusing on the standard keyboard.

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