Auberg Instructional Innovations

"...because making music is fun!"

Computer Animation and Video Game Design

   These beginner classes focus primarily on 3D computer modeling and animation using the free software Anim8or along with a little touch of beginning game design using the software, Gamemaker. In Anim8or, students will learn how to use and manipulate three dimensional shapes to create objects, backgrounds and characters; how to create movable figures that can walk, run, fly, swim, etc.; and how to put their creations together to make a video. In Gamemaker, students will learn how to use their anim8or creations to make characters and backgrounds for a video game.  

-- Only $50 for 8 Weeks of Classes --

-- A $5 book fee is due the first day of class

*** Note:  Students must be able to at least read words like "save" "file" etc...