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Parks and Rec

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 Welcome to the Parks and Rec Music and Animation Classes!  Here you will find a short description of what was covered in each class.   Come here to see what you should be practicing!

Mr. Jamie often asks "Are there any answers?"  The answer to give when he asks that is "Forty Two" (it is from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." It is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything - An alien race built a giant super computer to figure out what the meaning of life is.  After millions of years of computing it came up with the answer "42.").

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-- Piano Adventures

DENBIGH COMMUNITY CENTER:   10/19/19 - Students reviewed the notes C, D, and E and the three songs on Lesson 1.  Students practiced Lesson 2 and played Hot Cross Buns with the "G" in the left hand played along with the right hand notes.

MIDTOWN COMMUNITY CENTER (Piano Adventures Jr.):  10/2/19 - Students reviewed "My First Song" "Two Note Dance" "Mary Had a Little Lamb" "Hot Cross Buns" and learned "Roly Poly."  Students should be practicing to master all four of these songs.

-- 3D Computer Animation

DENBIGH COMMUNITY CENTER: "Robots"   10/19/19 --  Students reviewed how to add shapes, convert to mesh, move and stretch shapes and learned how to make colors and textures.

     -- BONUS:  3D Anim8or Snowman (download and open in Anim8or)

                          (hint:  click "Objects" in Anim8or to view different parts)

-- Adventures in Guitar / Ukulele

DENBIGH COMM. C.10/16/19 - Students reviewed the notes E, and F,  and should be practicing all of Lesson 1 along with the  G chord (guitar) or C Chord (ukulele).

     -- BONUS: Fun Music Notes Activity Sheet

     -- BONUS: "The Melting Snowman" (music for Guitar or Ukulele -- pdf)

-- Drum Circle Junior

DENBIGH COMM. C.:  (No Class this Session)