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"...because making music is fun!"

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Music Lessons for the 21st Century

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*** Summer Lessons Special 2019 ***

Pay $100 for the whole summer

– June 24th through August 23rd --

(for one 30 minute lesson each week)

*** Flexible! Cancel as often as needed ***

Attend at least 6 lessons to get make a discount

Summer Lesson Schedule

-- Mondays

10:00am:         AVAILABLE!

10:30am:          AVAILABLE!

11:00am:  Wilbert W.

11:30am:           AVAILABLE!

12:00pm:         AVAILABLE!

12:30pm:         AVAILABLE!

-- Wednesdays

10:00am: Carol B.

10:30am: Regan & Zoey

11:00am: Eli

11:30am: Eli

12:00pm:         AVAILABLE!

12:30pm: Paula R.

-- Thursdays

2:00pm::  Kylee

2:30pm:           AVAILABLE!

3:00pm:           AVAILABLE!

3:30pm:           AVAILABLE!

4:00pm:         AVAILABLE!

4:30pm:   Leila   

5:00pm:   Gianna F.

5:30pm:   Isabella

6:00pm:  Stephen

6:30pm:  Peter

7:00pm:  Michael

7:30pm:   Joshua

-- Fridays

2:00pm:           AVAILABLE!

2:30pm:  Sue

3:00pm:  Tesla

3:30pm:  Tesla

4:00pm:  Elizabeth

4:30pm:  Emma

5:00pm:           AVAILABLE!

5:30pm:   Betsy & Denise

6:00pm:  Stephen

6:30pm:          AVAILABLE!

7:00pm: (Malachi) ??

7:30pm: (Malachi) ??

?? = student has not confirmed this time slot.


1) $100 is non-refundable after June 24th. Exceptions will be made only for unusual circumstances and solely at the instructor's discretion.

2) Make up lessons can only be scheduled within the same week as the missed lesson and only if the missed lesson was not a no-show. The only exception is the 4th of July: students who miss a lesson because their regular day was scheduled for the holiday (there will no class 7/4/19) may schedule a makeup for that lesson on the week or on the following (or previous) week.

3) Lessons that are missed without notice given to the instructor prior to the start of the lesson time will be considered a “no-show.” No-show lessons will be charged a $5 “wasting the teacher's time” fee (this is in addition to the $100) and no makeup lesson will be given.


*** Click Here to Sign Up ***

(Note: you are not officially signed up until the instructor contacts you

 and verifies your day and time)  

Homeschool  or  Adult Lessons:

*** Morning Lesson Times are available!  Contact us for more info

***NOTE:   Lessons with Mr. Jamie (and other teachers) are also available at CENTERSTAGE ACADEMY (they have their own times, prices, and policies)

Traditional Lessons

   - 30 minute lessons 

   - $18 per lesson / paid monthly ($72 / month)

   - For missed lessons you must schedule a makeup lesson in order to keep from losing your payment (you will not be charged for Teacher absences, Holiday Cancellations, and Severe Weather Cancellations)

   - Special Flexible Schedule Summer Lesson program!

   -  Discounts are available for longer lessons or multiple lessons.

Flexible Lessons

   - 30 minute lessons 

   - $22 per lesson / paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (your choice)

   - Lessons may be canceled whenever needed without charge (lesson must be canceled prior to the start time of the lesson).


*** Lessons available for ***
-- Piano  -- Clarinet  -- Ukulele  -- Guitar  -- Mountain Dulcimer -- Keyboard  -- Flute  -- Saxophone  -- 3D Computer Animation (using Anim8or software)
-- Video Game Design (using GameMaker Studio)

-- Lesson Payment Options

PAY OPTIONS:  Cash or Check made out to Jamie K. Auberg can be paid in person.  Credit card payments can be made through this website (visit the WebStore) or use Paypal:  PayPal.Me/JAuberg

*** Gift Certificates are Available (Contact us for details!***

-- Lessons Location

Address:  393 Denbigh Blvd Suite 2 

                  Newport News, VA  23608

Directions:  From Jefferson Ave or Warwick Blvd, turn onto Denbigh Blvd heading towards Denbigh High School.  There is a BB&T Bank on the corner of Denbigh Blvd and Warwick Blvd.  Past the bank on Denbigh and take the next right turn after the bank in to a parking lot. The building has a radio tower behind it.  Enter the part of the building that is two storeis; head up the stairs, and then turn right.  Suite 2 is on the right at the top of the stairs.