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-- Music Notes Bridge Builder Music

-- Scarborough Fair

Beautiful arrangement for Clarinet Quartet

Click here to listen. 

-- Echoes of a Rainbow

A short sketch for piano.

Click here to listen.

-- Battle of Andromeda II Colony

From my web show "C.S.D.V. Facing the Darkness"

Click here to listen. 

-- Pencil Piece

A unique piece for Clarinet & Pencil with Piano.

Click here to listen. 

An American Sea Chanty

(Clarinet Quartet)

Also known as "What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor"

Click here to listen. 

Something Short for Clarinet

(clarinet duet)

Click here to listen. 

The Arrival of Spring

(Clarinet and Piano)

Click here to listen. 

Dorian's Rant

(Clarinet Duet)

Click here to listen.

"A Little Sunshine"

(for Clarinet and Ukulele)

Click here to listen!

Beautiful Dreamer

(A Fantasia for 14 Clarinets, Guitar, and Claves)

Based on the melody by Stephen Foster (America's First Songwriter)

Click here to listen!

Happy New Year 2013!

"Auld Lang Syne"

(10 Clarinets and a Drum)

Click here to listen!

(sheet music available on the Clarinet Page)

Angels are Being Heard Up High

(a Clarinet Sextet - six clarinets)

Click here to listen!

Click here for the sheet music (for 6 clarinets)

"Deck the Halls with Clarinet Coolness"

Clarinet Quartet

Click here to listen.

Silent Night / Sleeping Here

(from the Album "Tidings of Joy" to be released 2013)

Click here to listen!

Interlude from "Tidings of Joy"

Mandolin, Guitar, with a little splash of Clarinet

Click here to listen.

Dated Ostinatos

March 4th, 2011

(Clarinet Duet)

Click here to listen!

Distant Dreams

(Clarinet Duet)

Click here to listen.

"Academic Overture for the Royal Knights"

I composed this for my school, Denbigh Christian Academy.  Their mascot is the Royal Knights.

Click here to listen!

"Light a Candle in the Darkness"

It's a little different.. all acoustic; no synthesizers.

Click here to listen.

"The Lost Sheep"

(piano solo)

Dedicated to Daryl, a flute student of mine, who is currently missing.

Click here to listen!

Imaginary Landscapes

I. The Crystal Fountains

II. The Ruby Red Caverns

Click here to listen!

Beginning in the Year 2012

(Piano Solo)

Click here to listen!

Tidings of Joy

(from the upcoming 2012 Album "TIidngs of Joy")

Click here to listen!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

(Simple Vocal Duet)

Click here to listen!

A Clarinet Christmas

II. "God Rest Ye Merry Gents"

(6 clarinets)

Click here to listen!

A Clarinet Christmas

I. "What Child is This?"

(6 clarinets & 2 bass clarinets)

Click here to listen

Refractions of Light in Muddy Waters

A piano solo.

Click here to listen to "Reafractions of Light..."

Dynamic War

A clarinet trio where piano (soft or quiet) battles against forte (loud).

Click here to listen to "Dynamic War"


For the summer, all recordings are going to youtube as part of my Song A Day Project: click below to view (opens in new window):

Fanfare and Celebration (for Mother's Day) 

I wrote this for my mother (she's a violin teacher).  It is a quartet for violins.  Enjoy.

- Click here to listen to "Fanfare and Celebration."

"Cargo Ship Delta V" Main Theme 

The Title Music for my upcoming webseries "Cargo Ship Delta V"

- Click here to listen to "Main Theme"

-- Lisa's Wedding March

Written as the Bridal March for my cousin Elizabeth's (Lisa) Wedding.  Performed by Tonal Majesty with guest violinist Gail Auberg (mom).

- Click here to listen to "Lisa's Wedding March"


This is my first full piece for Native American Flutes (I now have two of them)

Click here to listen to "hHyImMn"