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Piano Adventures Demo / Tutorial Video 1

Click here for the music to "REMAIN CALM" (pdf)

FYI: the background music in the video is the song below:

"The Mystery of the Celtic Spaniard"

Piano Solo for St. Patrick's Day or anytime!

- Click Here for the Sheet Music

-- Echoes of a Rainbow (A Short Sketch)

A short and interesting sketch for piano

Click here to view 

-- Piano Accompaniment Training


Lessons on how to accompany singers and other instruments on the piano.

Lesson 1: Click here to view. 

Child-like Innocence

Click here to view 

A New Birthday Song

("Birthday Theme")

Click here to view. 

Random Adventures

click here to view 

Something Short for Piano

Click here to view 

The Crystal Caverns on the Mountain Peak

Click here to view 

Dorian's Waltz

Click here to view

"A Little Sunshine"

(Note: this arrangement can be played along with the Clarinet and Ukulele arrangement)

Click here to view

Lullaby (from "The Crystal Violin")

Click here to view

"Deck the Halls with Coolness"

(a unique arrangement of "Deck the Halls")

Click here to view.

A Prayer for Lisa (Lisa's Song)

(an oldie from 1994; was also featured in the indie movie "Honorable Men")

Click here to view

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Complete Piano Solo with optional Narration

Click here to view.

Academic Overture of the Royal Knights

Click here to view.

The Lost Sheep

(Piano solo)

Click here to view.

Imaginary Landscapes

Click here to view!

Beginning in 2012

(Recording available on The Music Page)

Click here to view

Variations on  "Deck the Halls"

Click here to view!

Fantasia on "Carol of the Bells"

One of my best Christmas Masterpieces.  Not easy, but well worth the effort!

Click here to view


Three Christmas Treats

(Christmas arrangements from past years)

-- Click here for  "Angels We Have Heard on High"

-- Click here for "Silent Night"

-- Click here for "The God Rest Ye Waltz"

New, Old Melodies

An interesting song with an odd title.

Click here to view "New, Old Melodies"

Blowing Winds

The title may have something to do with a certain hurricane Irene coming through the area while I was writing this.

Click here to view

Refractions of Light in Muddy Waters

An interesting "Yanni-like" piece for solo piano.

Click here to view "Refractions of Light..."


(A Song Without Words)

click here to view

In Loving Memory

A Piano Solo dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, who just passed away.

- Click here to view "In Loving Memory"


A piano solo based on a theme from the clarinet solo.

- Click here to view "Life's Journey"

Reflections of Days Gone By

A Piano Solo for the New Year...

- Click here to view "Reflections..."

First Snow: Jingle Bells Fantasia

This piano solo is a little different from my usual work; it is more modern sounding.  It is largely composed off of a whole tone scale. 

- Click here to view "First Now: Jingle Bells Fantasia"

Rejoice in the Lord

Vocal and piano; from the upcoming album "Heavenly Apple Pie."

- Click here to view "Rejoice in the Lord"

Blue Haze

A reflection of my time in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, this piano solo bears elements of Native American Music.

- Click here to view "Blue Haze"

Visions of Freedom

A piano piece of short sketches exploring the triumphs of freedom.

- Click here to view "Visions of Freedom."

Another Rondo

A piece from my piano method book "Learning in Harmony: Book 2"

- Click here to view "Another Rondo"

Spring Time Waltz
Meanderings (Completed Version)

An interesting composition that wanders around in some nice melodic material with lots of pedal.  It is now finished.

- Click here to view "Meanderings"

The Centerstage Academy March

This piece is a rewrite of an older piece called "Celebrating Centerstage" which I felt was mediocre but had a lot of potential... this piece is its potential.

- Click here to view "Centerstage Academy March"

Lisa's Wedding March

Written as the Bridal March for my cousin Elizabeth's Wedding.

Click here to view "Lisa's Wedding March"

Softly Dreaming

This is another piece from "Learning in Harmony" book 2 which I am currently finishing production on.

Click here to view "Softly Dreaming"


In the style of my piano album "Waiting While It Rains," this piece is a beautiful wash of sound and melody.  The name means "Loneliness."

Click here to view "Solitario"

A Little Dance

This is a short and lively piano piece I wrote while waiting for the fireworks to start at the Busch Gardens FireWorks show. 

Click here to view "A Little Dance"


This piece is actually from my piano method book, "Learning in Harmony" Book 2(Book 1 is available at the WebStore).  I have posted it almost exactly as it appears in the book.

Click here to view "Traveling"